Purchasing a beauty mirror is a relatively mundane task that sounds simple enough. However, there are so many options out there and unless you know exactly what you need and take some time to think about it, it’s possible to get to the store and end up buying the wrong item or one that won’t work best for you. Save yourself time and make that you purchase a beauty mirror that you will actually use by familiarizing yourself with the options before you buy.

Beauty mirror

There are a variety of different kinds of beauty mirrors out there and each have their own perks. Consider what you need it for and where you most often would do your grooming with it, and you will be on the right track to finding the right one.

What do you want your beauty mirror for?

Consider all of the applications that you want to use, keeping in mind that size, shape and features that will most complement all of your grooming needs.


Easy to hold and store, and just right when you need to see your whole face with accurate focus. Pick a handheld mirror if you want something to quickly check your appearance and don’t mind having a hand full.


When you need to look at yourself up close a magnifying mirror is ideal to see your every feature. Pick one if you want a mirror for seeing fine details like eyebrows and blemishes.


Simple and easy to take anywhere, a compact mirror is just right for you when you need a small mirror for quick touch ups. Choose a compact mirror if you want a simple storable mirror for in the office or on the go.


More then just a reflection, a makeup mirror comes with a variety of options, from dimmable lights to adjustable magnification. Go with a makeup mirror when you want that brings great lighting to the table.


When you need to see yourself without being impeded by your showers steam, a fogless shower mirror can’t be beat.  Pick a shower mirror if you need one for getting ready in the morning.


Great for an up close trim, a shaving mirror is ideal helping you get ready. Choose a shaving mirror when you need a hands free up close view of yourself.


Weather you want it to compliment your face or to compliment the room, a stationary mirror is just the right accent. Choose a stationary mirror when you want to brighten up a room with beautiful reflections.


Light weight and easy to hold, great for on the go, a travel mirror was made with your busy schedule in mind. Pick one when you want a sturdy but easy to pack mirror made for today’s busy professionals.

How close is too close?

Makeup mirror
Makeup Mirror

Most of us want a beauty mirror that lets us get up close and personal, so that we can make sure that we get all of those eye brow hairs plucked or that our make up is applied appropriately. Depending on the reason use, chances are that you want something that offers more magnification than average. However, choosing the correct augmentation will enhance grooming process. Most accessory and hand held mirrors will range from three to seven times visual. For heavier magnification, consider taking a look at a stationary mirror. Additionally, tabletop and stationary mirrors will also have dual sides where you have multiple options, so that you can get manage up close details but still have a better full picture reflection.

If you have troubles with your eye sight or want something with a denser visual enhancement, there are products out there that can amplify up to 20 times. This can be very helpful as well for those that need glasses. A higher amplification can allow you to shave, do your make up or tweeze without having to put your glasses on. Keep in mind, if you are keeping an eye on price that the higher the intensification of the magnification, the higher the cost.

The amount of magnification comes down to personal preference in the end, but try to mimic the natural environment when you test out a beauty mirror. Take your glasses off and then see how well you can see. Also, consider that the lighting in a store may be brighter than what it is at home.

Speaking of lighting…

Lipstick makeupSometimes you need a lot of light. If you have a blemish or are trying to pluck, then in these cases it doesn’t matter how unnatural it looks, you simply want to see. However, in the case of applying make up, colors and shading can alter based on how much light you are working with. Furthermore, you may then care about the kind of lighting, preferring a bright natural-like glow when painting your face before work but a softer light for evenings that will mimic the dimmer settings that you will likely encounter.

Beauty professionals will tell you that the best light sources are natural (of course) and lighting from multiple angles. Surround bulbs are the easiest way to do this, and are commonly found on all varieties of mirrors.

You’ll want to look for what the CRI (Colored Rendering Index) to be higher for that which is closest to true natural light. When you first look at it, it can appear harsh but for daylight make up, it is the best way to go. The lumen rate is also important, as is the kelvin level. Aim for at least 500-700 kelvin and at least 800 lumens. Alternatively, if you definitely want a  make-up mirror with lights, getting one with a dimming switch that you can turn down or up is very handy so that you get the most out of your purchase.

So, which is right for you?

As you can see there’s a ton of options when choosing the mirror that’s right for you. Do you need something easy to travel with or just for at home? Want something simple, or are lights and magnification more what you are looking for? With these answers in mind you’ll be able to pick  right mirror or mirrors for you. No matter what your need is, there is a beauty mirror for you.