12 Beauty Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know

Having too little time for yourself?

Here are 12 quick tricks to use in your daily routine for a bright and shining look.

1. Start your face cleansing routine by spraying small amount of warm water to soften up your skin. This will help your skin absorb more vitamin and mineral within the cleansing solution.

2. Use a lip liner to color the whole lips before putting on your lipstick. Your lips color will stay longer, even after the hottest kiss. If you just want a shining lip, use a small amount of clear lip gloss.


3. You don’t have to wash your hair every day, try to wash just your band instead. This will save you times while ensure that you’re still looking perfect. Rinse your hairs with mineral water will also help keep them clean and healthy.

4. Use a plastic spoon to help prevent smudge when applying your mascara. This will help remove extra stray mascara too.

Plastic spoons

5. To keep your perfume on longer, try to place a right amount on your finger tips, arm, and belly button. These high heat body parts will save your scent longer.


6. Scrubbing some used ground coffee onto your uneven skin areas will help removing those death skin cells. Your skin will look smooth and soft right afterward.

7. Eating peanut butter instead of your normal meal will save your belly flat before important events. Peanut butter provide great energy to keep you sane, even after drinking lots of alcohol.

Peanut butter

8. Evenly distribute some ice over your face before sleep to tighten your pores

9. After a sleepless night, cover your eyes with thin slices of potatoes for 10 minutes, then rinse them with warm water. Now all your swelling are gone, and your eyes will feel better than ever.


10. Have a zit on your face? Tape a slice of potato over it and your acne will be gone by the next morning.

11. Condition your hair with mayonnaise in 20 minutes, use a hairdryer for addition heat, and then follow by your wash/rinse routine. This will keep your hairs from being dry and tangle.

12. If your feet got swelling due to small shoes, place some Vaseline on this skin area. This will help with the friction and quickly heal the swell.

Photos: Pixabay

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