5 Simple Steps to Putting On Your Make-Up Without a Mirror

No mirror? No problem! If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to spend in the bathroom before work, then understanding these few basic tips get you on your way while still looking fabulous.

Step 1: Choose the right make up for the job

Dark and heavy make-up selections can make for a dynamic beauty. However, they can also make for dynamic mistakes that are quite obvious. Beauty experts suggest going with light and natural tones when there no way to see what you’re doing. For the face, go with what will match your skin tone for foundation, pale rose or nude colors for the cheeks and lips. Choose easily blendable colors for the eyes, that aren’t too dark. Flat silver, gray, fawn and gold are all lovely seletions to choose from.

Step 2: Build from the ground up

Powder foundation with a make-up brush is the easiest way to apply an all-around flattering colors. Pressed or compact foundation works as well, however using a pad can cause streaks. If a bruck is not available, be sure to lightly pat the pad rather than making sweeping motions.

Applying eyesStep 3: Apply eyes and cheeks

Again, a brush will be the best way to apply powder, as eye shadow has a similar texture to compressed powder foundation. If you do not have a brush, your finger works in a pinch. However, you will also use your fingers for next step, so wash between applications or alternate hangs for different parts of your face.

Apply eye shadow to the lid, keeping the color closest to your eye lashes. If using your finger, dab along the lash line to keep a solid shape and evenness. Finish off your look with a swipe of mascara on each eye.

Step 4: Cheeks are optional


If you choose to apply any blush, stick with something that is matte (shimmer can show mistakes too easily) and a light color. Think pale rose or something that isn’t dramatic. To apply simple rub color into the apple part of your cheek when you smile.

Step 5: Lips are last


Don’t try to outline your lips with color, rather pucker up and apply to the center of your lips and then rub them firmly together to blend. If you happen to have a pronounced divet on your lips, wipe just above your lip there with a clean finger and make sure that no color has crossed over there.

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