8 Beauty Accessories that Every Woman Needs

When you want to look stunning, there are always going to be certain tools that you reach for. These are some of the must-have beauty accessories that every woman needs in her makeup arsenal. From beauty mirrors to sponges, and everything in between. Take a look and then let us know. What do you find that you couldn’t live without when you’re putting on (or taking off) your makeup?

Beauty Mirror

Beauty mirrors

Beauty and makeup mirrors are often an overlooked accessory, and if you don’t have one then you are missing out. How else are you going to see your face when you are putting on makeup or performing grooming tasks if you can’t see yourself clearly? There are many options of makeup mirrors available but look for one that offers the following options to make the most of your purchase:

Pro-tip: When shopping for a beauty mirror with magnification, aim for 7 – 10 x amplification for standard makeup application.

Eyelash curler

Eyelash curler

Even if you prefer to use curling mascara, an eyelash curler is going to be helpful. They work by crimping the eyelash and making your eye appear wider and more open.

Pro-tip: Curl first, then apply mascara. Eyelashes hold shape better when they are clean and warm.

Foundation sponge

For liquid foundation, sponges will be your salvation. They allow you to evenly apply your makeup without lines or smears. Additionally, they can also help with cleaning your face when applying astringent or eye creams. Buy these in bulk so that you have them on hand whenever you need.

Cotton swabs

Cotton swabs

Ideal for cleaning up makeup smudges, cleaning creases on your face or even applying makeup, cotton swabs are a must have.

Nail file

A simple nail file is really all you need. However, if you like a more natural look or prefer to not paint your nails, then you should probably also have a buffing file.

Bobby pins

Bobby pins

Bobby pins are good to have around for a number of reasons but when you want your hair to stay, to trap some stray strands or just want a simple style in a pinch, then you want to make sure you have a box or row lying round.



Your first line of defense against stray eyebrows and other facial hair, a good pair of tweezers will always have a beloved place in your makeup kit. Don’t skimp on them either. Yes, you can get a backup pair from the Dollar Store, but for regular maintenance it is best to spend a couple of dollars more and get a paid that is going to hold up to regular use.

Things to look out for when looking for a good pair of tweezers are:

  • High quality metal that doesn’t give or bend
  • A sharp edge will grab on to even the thinnest of hairs
  • A light (optional, but super helpful for blonde, white or gray hairs)

Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes

Most ladies know that a makeup brush will help them with their makeup, but in truth you need more than one. A quality kit such as the ones they sell through Clinique, Sephora or MAC are ideal. However, Cover Girl and Maybelline both have makeup brush kits too and you can get them for a little bit cheaper.

These are the essential brushes that you must have if you plan on doing anything more than just applying a dab of foundation and mascara.

Thick brush

Thicker brushes can be used for either blush or bronzer. They pick up particles of pressed or loose powder and distribute it evenly across broad areas of your face such as your T-zone or your cheeks.

Lip Brush

The best way to ensure even coverage with your lipstick or gloss is by using a lip brush that has an edge to it. These are usually much smaller (about the thickness of your pinky) and are designed for light dabbing or smearing of cream lip color.

Foundation Brush

It’s nice to have one of these around, though not absolutely necessary. That being said, the other alternatives for applying foundation are either powder presses or sponges. A brush allows you to lightly add foundation. There are models that are both appropriate for applying crème and others that apply powder.

Eyelid brush

The best way to get a fun layered look, a smoky smudge or a clean natural palate is with an eyelid brush. While they do usually sell smaller versions when you purchase your color palate, it’s suggested that you have a few of these around in your kit so that you don’t risk mixing colors. Additionally, there are a number of eyelid shapes that can be used to apply different kinds of shapes to your eye shadow.

Facial combs

It’s natural that you’ll reach for a brush for your hair, so why would you ignore the rest of your body? A facial comb makes it easier to trim and tweeze. If you haven’t used one one before, you’ll probably wonder why you hadn’t before once you include it in your makeup kit.

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