How to Choose the Right Makeup for Your Eyes

It is the dream and desire of every woman to enhance the beauty of her eyes with perfect eye makeup that will give her an all-impressive look. There’s no doubt that the eyes are the most attractive feature of an individual, and they truly reveal one’s personality and real self. Due to this fact, women do carry handbags or purse filled with all types of makeup.

For you to choose the right eye makeup, it is essential to find a great set of products that suit you. Unfortunately, most women make the mistake of buying the wrong set of make-up for their eyes.

Choosing makeup for your eyes

There’s no better feeling than using the best makeup that will improve your look for a considerable period of time without fading away.

So why should you pick the right makeup and not just any brand that catches your attention?

It is simple.

Choosing the best makeup for your eyes will bring out the uniqueness in you, and serve you for a very long time without the fear that it might fade away soon.

For those ladies out there who are looking for ways to enhance their beauty, this might be what you are looking for. We have put together a detailed guide on how to choose the right makeup for your eyes.

Are you ready?

Always Go For the Best Brand of Makeup

Don’t just go out and buy any make up you see in the market, or the ones your friend recommends. Always find out if that product is of high quality, and the color of the makeup matches with your outfit.

Choose Makeup that Has Different Color with Your Eyes

Another important aspect you should take note of is to buy eye shade that is opposite your eye color.

Yes, you heard me right! When you do this, it helps the color of your eye to pop out and bring out a more attractive look on your face.

Don’t Forget About the Brow Bone

Ah, the Brow Bone! I’m also guilty of this part. But I’ve come to realize that brow bone attracts attention; and this is one of the main reason we do makeup, to grab attention!

So, while doing your eye makeup, always give proper attention to your brow bone. Yes, I know it might be easy to forget sometimes, but by giving the brow bone due consideration, will bring out that unique beauty in you.

Just try it and see how great it would look on you.

The Winged Liner Look

Have you heard about the Winged Liner Look? I believe you might have heard about it, but if you haven’t, then let me break the ice by saying that this is the trendiest look that has swept the feet of most women in the United States.

The amazing thing about this look is that it is simple to learn, and specifically designed to meet your needs based on your physical features.

So how do you go about it? 

It simple, use the right tool! The winged liner look encourages you to use the best makeup product to get the best look for your eyes.

Choosing the Right Makeup for Your Dark Skin

If you have dark skin, then Ashy Shades is not for you. This type of composition appears dull or even invisible on darker skin.

If you want to choose the best eye makeup for your dark skin, then you should go for more vibrant hues that will bring out a colorful and attractive eye makeup.

If you want your makeup to stand out, then stick with shades that contain pigments like purple berries, and metallic gold. For darker skin, soft shades can easily fade.

Consider the Color of Your Eyes When Choosing an Eye Makeup

  • Blue Eyes: If you have blue eyes, it is advisable to go for natural and light tone makeup. These tones are the best fit for those with blues eyes.
  • Grey Eyes: For those with gray, if you are fortunate enough you will always find the best match of gray makeup that will suit your eyes. You can also go for a silvery blue eye makeup that will make you look unique and attractive.
  • Green Eyes: Have you seen an emerald eye? You’d notice it has this natural brightness that doesn’t need any vibrant shadow or liners to make them look beautiful and attractive. A shimmery brown eye makeup will be a perfect match at day time while at nighttime; a soft purple eye makeup can make you stand out from others.
  • Brown eyes: Fortunately, almost all colors go with Brown eyes. One good tip is to stick to natural shades like bronze and salmon. If you want to add a greater intensity to your look, then you can add a smooth touch of black shadow makeup. Great colors like violet, chocolate, and silver can accentuate an excellent and unique look.

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