Guides and Tips for Choosing the Right Makeup Colors

Choosing the right makeup color for your skin can be tricky. If you have just started using makeup, and probably don’t have the idea on how to choose the right makeup colors, here is what this article is all about:

I’m going to show you some ways to pick the right color that will make you stand out and make you look wow!

The question is: how can you make your eyes really ‘pop’ and vivid?

You don’t need a lot of makeup for this, but what you need to do is to choose the colors that are going to bring your natural eye color out, and make them look wow!

Choosing makeup colors

They are pretty easy to do. And I’m going to share with you today the colors to choose for your particular eye, and how you can introduce those colors into your makeup routine when you want your eye to look really vivid.

Master the use of color wheel in your makeup routine

First, the trick of choosing the right makeup color for your eye is to think of the color wheel. From the color wheel, you are going to choose whichever color is opposite to your natural eye color. If you have a blue eye, on the color wheel, you should go for the opposite which are the oranges and the reds.

Eye makeup colors

What about if you have brown eyes? The opposite on the color wheel will be blue and violets. For green eyes, on the color wheel, you will have to go for the purple, violet, and even to the pink colors.

So, whatever color you have as your natural eye color, you are going to choose the opposite color that is going to make your natural eye color really pop and vivid in color.

So, if you have Hazel eyes: these are gorgeous because you can use any color on your eyes. They look really incredible when they are paired with nice green and gold colors. So, if you use greens, almonds or even gold colors, they will really stand out and pop.

Choose the Right Foundation Color

Picking the right foundation color is an essential part of your makeup. You don’t want to have the wrong shade at all or else, your whole face will just look all wrong. So, it crucial to choose the right makeup color. There are two essential steps you need to know when you’re trying to find your perfect foundation shade.

Foundation and makeup brush

First, make sure you know your skin tone. Secondly, make sure you know what shade you are. So, you could either be neutral, yellow or gold toned and other bunch of skin tones.

But to really narrow down and do this in the simplest form, just identify whether you are neutral or cool toned. So, neutral toned means you are neither cool nor warm. I’m neutral toned, but I’m cool tuned infused. Cool toned means you have more reds and pinks in you. Warm tone means you have more yellow toned skin.

A lot of the times, makeup lines don’t carry neutral shades; they only carry warm or pink. So, that is why it is important that even though you are neutral, try to figure out whether you are on the warm side or the cool side.

In case you don’t know what your skin tone is, there are bunch of ways to figure out what your skin tone is. The easiest ways are simply by looking at the mirror and guess your skin tone. Sometimes, it may be that easy; sometimes it may be more complicated for some people.

Another tip is that if you are under the sun, and you burn more quickly, then you are definitely cool toned. Also, if your veins are blue or purple, then you are cool-tuned. If your veins are green, then you are more warmed toned.

Test out The Products before Making a Purchase

The best way to buying a foundation is to go to a department store or a makeup store where you can get all the bottles and test out the products before making a purchase. Try to test out a few colors that match your skin tone.

Go for the one that you basically can’t see when you rub it on your jaw line. If you can tell that it’s there; it’s not the right makeup for you.

Choosing the right lipstick color

One of the biggest requests I get is people asking me; “what will be the best lipstick shade for me.” And I ways tell them that there’s no such thing as one shade of lipstick will be perfect for you. There are multiple shades, and there are multiple textures. What I always tell my friends are to try and figure out what they feel comfortable wearing.

Lipstick colors

If you are going for a red color, then you need to know the type of red color that fits you. First, you might want to play with the blue-red color or the orange-red color. The same woman can wear both colors; it’s really a preference of what you prefer.

Reds that has a little orange in them do tend to make your teeth less white if they are not perfectly white. You if really want your teeth to be white, and your smile to be it best, you should probably go for blue-red.

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Play With the Various Makeup Colors

Also, I found out that the perfect lipstick makeup for your lips would be to match two shades darker than your foundation shade. Well, you may look amazing in glossy pink, and then look totally gross in a sheer red. I think it’s all about having fun and playing with the various makeup colors. And that’s what lipstick is about; it’s about putting that lipstick on and feeling great about yourself.

Besides, if you want to choose the right lipstick color for your lips, or you want to appear lighter than the contrasting color, then you need to be wearing some dark lipstick. So, if you choose to go for a dark fuse, it’s going to make your skin turn brighter, and your teeth look whiter.

Also, there’s a general rule of thumb that corals and oranges tend to make you look a lot more tanned.

So, that is it! I hope you’ve found these Guides and tips on how to choose the right makeup colors quite valuable and interesting. If you want to make your eye color really stand out and pop out, the above steps are what you can take to having a unique makeup color for your skin.

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