Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Mirror

A mirror is a great addition to any room. Mirrors create the illusion of added space and make a room feel more open. Adding the right mirror to your bedroom can be the perfect finishing touch for your bedroom décor.

Bedroom mirror

The first step is, of course, to pick the mirror itself. There are a few basic elements you’ll want to consider when selecting a mirror for your bedroom.


Mirrors come in almost every size imaginable. From tiny accent mirrors to mirrors that take up an entire wall, the options are endless. The size you want depends on your personal tastes and décor.

  • Small accent mirrors can be mixed in with other wall art to create interest in a collage. Mix a few mirrors in with family pictures or art collections to take your décor to the next level.
  • Medium-sized mirrors, those ranging from 24 to 36 inches tall, can also be mixed in with other wall art. These mirrors can stand on their own, however, and with a bold frame can even be a statement piece. Place lights around one to create a vanity, or hang one by the door to glance at on your way out.
  • Full-length mirrors are often confined to the closet or dressing room, but they can make a beautiful addition to a bedroom. Lean one against the wall in a corner for instant charm, and add string lights to create ambience.
  • Larger mirrors are an excellent choice for small rooms, as they create the illusion of more space. They’re also perfect on a wall alone as a bold statement.


There are many different shapes available, but most mirror shapes can be broken down into a few categories: square, rectangle, oval, or circle, with fewer uniquely-shaped mirrors out there.

Wall mirror with unique shape

  • Square mirrors are typically your medium-sized mirrors. They don’t stand out from the crowd, but they can easily fit into any room. Pairing two square mirrors together above a table or the bed creates a great decorative accent.
  • Rectangular mirrors come in a wider variety of sizes. Long, skinny mirrors add an elegant touch to your walls and look great hung higher on the walls. Extremely large rectangular mirrors are your bold statement pieces that can change the feeling of a whole room.
  • Circular mirrors, especially when they’re smaller, make beautiful accents. Many circular mirrors come with intricate frames that are larger than the mirror itself.
  • Oval mirrors are a classic look. Hanging an oval mirror with an ornate frame above a table creates instant elegance and an old-world charm.
  • Unique shapes, when you can find them in just the right size, are fantastic additions to a bedroom. Choose between more geometric shapes that add modern sophistication and curved lines that are softer.


Selecting a frame is arguably the most important part of choosing your bedroom mirror. Frames come in an endless variety of options, but we’ll cover a few basic choices here.

  • Frameless mirrors are always an option, and have a clean look that many prefer. Large, statement mirrors look best without a frame, as they take up enough space on their own.
  • Slender frames, with basic solid colors, are widely available. While these don’t add much in terms of décor, you can always dress up your mirror by adding art around the mirror to act as a sort of frame.
  • Wood frames are a bit dated, but still seen on many mirrors. Wood is great because it’s so easy to paint or stain, giving you endless color and finish options. Wood frames are typically only found on square or rectangular mirrors, however.
  • Ornate frames look wonderful on a small mirror, allowing you to fill more wall space and really dress up the mirror.

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