How to Clean your Makeup Brushes Naturally

Have you ever found the culprit behind your pimples?

Even though you eat healthy, drink plenty of water and there’s never been a day you have missed a morning or night skincare regime. Then, who’s to blame? Your makeup brushes! This might not be the actual answer to all the folks out there but for some, yes makeup brushes are the perpetrator. We overlook the significance of cleaning our makeup brushes and that too naturally. What is the use of cleaning your face, when you are expending dirty brushes on your face because you are short of time? No Missy! You must read this and get your manners a bit into shape.

How Often to Clean

Well, this actually depends on how much you use them. It will be in your favor if you keep your brushes covered rather than out for the entire world to see and the dust to gather in them. One thing is certain, that brushes that are used every day for applying foundation or liquids should be cleaned every single day too. No! I haven’t gone nuts, it is about your skin and hygiene, which you should at all times uphold in tiptop shape. If you are prone to acne, this simple act of cleaning the brushes before using will assist a lot in clearing up your acne.

Why to clean them naturally

By cleaning your makeup brushes naturally, they will stay for long and will never wear or tear. Often, with chemical based cleansers, the brushes are likely to live for a short span of time and can become terribly bushy afterwards. I have a very simple recipe to share with you, which will help you immensely in cleaning your makeup brushes naturally.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes Naturally

Things you need

  • Your makeup brushes
  • A hot cup of water
  • Distilled Vinegar
  • A towel or a tissue

Method to note

Simply take a cup of hot water and add a teaspoon of distilled vinegar in it. Once the mixture has been assorted, wet the brush head with that water and swirl it gently on a towel for any pigments to wash away. Once you will swirl, gradually any pigments will start to stain the towel, which purely signifies that the brushes are getting cleaned.

Warnings to keep in Mind

Never ever dip your whole brush into water; otherwise the handles will come apart because there is the danger of flagging the handle glue. Only concentrate on the brush heads and that’s it. To dry them quickly, place them in a head down and bottom up manner, this way the air will circulate easily and the brushes will get dry in a few hours.

Other Methods

If for some reason, the aforementioned technique does not go very successfully, simply buy a baby shampoo and wash your brushes with it. This baby shampoo cleaning mode is by far the best and everybody is acquainted with the fact that baby shampoos are free of any harmful chemicals.

How to go about it

To some people brush cleaning might be the ickiest of the chores but for me, it is a form of entertainment, it depends on you how you perceive it. Take a brush in your hand, make it wet with water (only the bristles), take a pea sized amount of baby shampoo in your hand and work the brush head and the liquid into lather. Once all the schmaltzy stuff of the brush is released out, wash the brush bristles gently with water and set them aside to dry with bottoms up.

Take your brushes like laundry because it is something that must be done frequently or habitually, depending on the condition of your skin and your usage.

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