A Guide to Choosing Compact Mirrors

 A compact mirror is a must have accessory for make-up application when you’re on the go. We aren’t talking about those basic compacts that come with your make-up already. Rather, there are a number of options available beyond just a simple mirror that you can purchase, depending on what your needs are. Would a little extra lighting help? How about some more magnification, so that you can see your face up close and personal?

Compact Mirror

Compact mirrors make it possible to see as close as you need, in the palm of your hand. Literally. The average size for one is about 1.5 inches in diameter and if you are looking for a sturdier mirror that will hold up to travel or that is larger in size, consider a travel mirror. They have the same options but are usually larger and have more options available.

Magnification Options

Magnification can be a handy option when choosing a compact mirror, as it makes it easier to see your every detail. Magnifying mirrors for compacts generally come with 10x magnification, this size is used because of the mirrors small size and ease of use. If it is available it’s wise to get a double sided or split mirror, so that you can get both a magnifying mirror and a regular one and be able to switch back and forth between zoomed in and normal view.

Compact Mirrors with Lighting

LED lighting is the most common option for compact mirrors and is generally placed around the circle of the compact either inset into the outside of the mirror, which positions the light around the viewing area of the mirror, or near the hinge where it casts light from only one direction. The bulbs are more durable than incandescent or fluorescent bulb options. LED lighting is inexpensive and easy to fit into a small space.

Other options for lighting are fluorescent bulbs. Because of the fragile nature, they will almost always be covered by a plastic cover. While the light provided for them is more natural than LED lighting as fluorescent lights provide a off-white glow, the casing that is used on them can deflect and block out a lot of light.

Two Sided Compacts

The most common types of two-sided options that you will find are:

  • Double mirror – Two separate no magnification mirrors. They give you the ability to see around the corner of your face and are ideal for seeing aspects of yourself from multiple angles.
  • Two single mirrors – In this option you will likely have one mirror that has standard magnification and the other that is 10x.

Compact mirrors give you multiple options to choose from, making it easy to find an ideal selection for your lifestyle and personal grooming habits.

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