What foods to eat for beauty and healthy diet

Is it possible to be eating for beauty?

You better believe it, and it’s never too late to design meal plans that deliver noticeable results from the inside out. We are what we eat, as the old saying goes, and there really are incredible foods for your looks.

So let us begin with the best foods to eat that are healthy and all about the pretty:

Mariah Swears By This Fish For Beauty Benefits

It’s called anti-aging nutrition, and you don’t have to be a world-famous celebrity to follow suit. All you need to do is look at Mariah Carey and her gorgeous complexion.

The sexy diva credits her good health and luminous skin to eating wild salmon (Norwegian) and capers daily. Some might laugh, but celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Howard Lancer, MD, says that Mariah is on the right track for a youthful complexion.


Dr. Lancer explains that replenishing the body with protein is a good habit to adopt, with salmon containing excellent amounts. For hair, skin, nails, muscles, bones and organs, protein is always key for growth and repair.

Cute Kiwi Does More Than Taste Tartly Sweet

The adorable fuzzy brown fruit with the colorful green flesh and black seeds is a superfood naturally packed with some 20 nutrients. It’s full of Vitamin C, and beauty science has proven how essential ascorbic acid is for skin health.


One cup of kiwi comes with twice the daily requirements of Vitamin C. That means a huge boost to your skin for collagen synthesis and protection from sun damage and wrinkle formation. This is beauty food at its finest.

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Foods That Fight Hunger And Shed The Pounds

People around the world often spend ridiculous amounts of money on fad diets that feature funky meal plans that rarely show genuine, long-lasting results of weight loss.

The answer is at your grocery store if you shop right. These healthy diet foods boost metabolism and start melting away the fat.

Here are five from the list that do a body good.

  • Eggs—top protein and prevent blood sugar spikes
  • Beans—nourishing with natural appetite suppression
  • Salad—make it big, low-cal to satisfy
  • Green Tea—contains catechins that reduce body mass index
  • Pears—filling fruit with fiber pectin

Kelly Ripa Maintains With Mashed Up Avocado

Daytime talk show host extraordinaire Kelly Ripa is as fit and lean as they come with clear, dewy skin. One of her healthy foods for daily diet includes a fruit that most people think is a veggie.


We’re referring to the amazing avocado that offers heart health benefits, good for your skin fats, 20 anti-aging vitamins and minerals and of course, incredible texture and taste.

Sodium-free and cholesterol-free with a tiny 50 calories per serving, a mashed up avocado is Kelly’s go-to daily breakfast. The petite beauty likes to add her mashed up avocado to an English muffin for satisfying nourishment.

Exotic Sea Plants Hold Nutritious Beauty Value

Many Japanese women have turned to the sea for thousands of years, enjoying the healthy goodness of foods for beautiful skin. One of these is called “wakame” and is excellent with other sea vegetables in a “hijiki salad.” Wakame is sweet, edible seaweed.


Wakame maintains a slim figure and delivers gorgeous skin, nails and hair for these nutritional reasons:

  • iodine
  • iron
  • copper
  • zinc
  • selenium
  • manganese
  • omega-3 fatty acids

Looking Youthful With Four Fab Foods

Some nutritionists believe that certain foods keep you looking younger longer. These foods aren’t exotic or out of your shopping budget. All four are superb for adding to your diet and supporting the structure of your skin.

TV’s health and fitness pro Joy Bauer recommends finding the fountain of youth by indulging in these:

  • sweet potatoes—Vitamin A for new skin cells
  • pecans—Vitamin E for firm, elastic skin
  • spinach—Vitamins C, E and A for less wrinkles
  • carrots—More beat-carotene for Vitamin A skin boost

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