How to Get a Natural Makeup Look

Makeup is great, because it allows you to hide your flaws and even totally change the way you look. But sometimes, a natural makeup look is best. It is possible to get a natural makeup look that will make you look like you simply woke up flawless. Check out these ideas for your natural makeup look.

Use BB cream instead of foundation.

BB creams are a great alternative to foundation on days you want a more natural look. While foundation can sometimes look thick or caked-on, BB creams are formulated like a moisturizer and make it look like you’re not wearing any makeup at all.

Don’t overuse powder.

One surefire way to mess up your natural makeup look is by using so much powder your face looks completely matte. Nobody’s skin is naturally completely matte, and too much powder can make you look a bit chalky and lifeless.

Instead, apply a little bit of powder over your whole face, blending it in with a thick, fluffy brush. If your cheeks or forehead are oily, you may want to use extra powder there. However, avoid powdering your nose too much. Everyone’s nose is a bit shiny, and a perfectly matte nose looks unnatural.

Tight-line your eyes.

Tight-lining is a cool trick that will give you the benefits of eyeliner without the thick black line that makes you look unnatural. The goal of tight-lining is to fill in the tiny gaps between your eyelashes to make your lashes look thicker and your eyes stand out.

To begin, lift your eyelashes gently with one finger. Using your free hand, dot eyeliner along your lash line between your eyelashes. Stay away from your waterline, as this will make your look too unnatural. When you’re done, nobody will be able to tell you’ve used any eyeliner at all, but your eyes will pop.

Keep brows natural.

While the trend today is to have bold eyebrows, if you want a natural look your brows need to look natural too. That doesn’t mean you have to leave them bare, however. You can fill in your brows without going over the top.

Using a brow pencil, make light, short strokes to fill in your entire eyebrow. This will imitate the appearance of actual eyebrow hairs. When done c­­­orrectly, nobody will guess your brows are anything but completely natural.

Stay away from color.

Finally, if you’re going for a natural look, stay away from colors. While colorful eyeshadows and lipsticks are fun to play with, if you want a totally natural look you’ll have to stay away from bright colors. Stick to neutral eyeshadows that will allow you to create some depth with your eyes without being overwhelming.

For your lips, a gloss or stain can allow you to add a bit of color while maintaining a natural look. Avoid both glosses that are shiny or sparkly as well as lipsticks that are completely matte, as neither one will look natural.

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