How to Look Good without Makeup

Looking good without makeup requires no rocket science, in fact, it is a sign of your courage and confidence, if you decide on going bare faced. Some of the women do hate greasing their face with paint, and prefer to remain clean faced. There’s nothing wrong with such a wish and factually speaking, it can be successfully achieved. However, everything demands consistency and so does a well-groomed appearance. Essentially, good skin, healthy, glossy hair, and a fine figure is the key to achieving good looks. Absence of any one of these three elements can destroy your whole guise.

You must have come across dozens of recommendations for attainment of perfect skin, hair and physique and it sometimes boggles the mind what to practice and which one to leave. The points to remember however are quite simple and easy. Simply go for those tips and tricks that are suitable for you, are easy to follow regularly, and do not consume much of your time or you might give up even before seeing the results. Below are a few tips you can pursue so as to look lovely and elegant minus any makeup mess.

Cleanliness is Most Crucial

Whatever your skin type, or hair type is, a clean person always gets admiration of others. Showering daily, cleansing of face and hands, washing hair every other day, keeping the nail cleans, brushing your teeth daily, etc. are all parts of cleanliness that ought to be observed religiously. Then, wearing perfumes automatically boosts up your aura and attracts others towards you. This also includes wearing fresh, clean, and ironed clothes every day to reflect an immaculate personality. Same care must be devoted to your shoes and other accessories.

Attractive Figure Needs no Help

Woman adn exercises

That’s right! A face painted with makeup won’t catch much attention if the figure is obese, lethargic, and exhausted. Exercise regularly to perk up your muscles and skin, since working out does leave you feeling healthy and invigorated. This in turn refreshes the skin and you look more youthful and fresh. Nothing beats a healthy look, not even the latest contouring techniques. Plus, a good figure carries off every dress with grace, even if you’re in simple jeans and a T-shirt. Therefore, stick to systematic exercise and enjoy the lithe and polish of your body.

Eat Healthy and Appear Healthy

Eating healthy

It was once claimed that if you have rosy cheeks, you are pretty. That’s true to this day because you are what you eat. Go for healthy, fresh food that comprises all necessary nutritional components and eat a balanced meal. Drink water before meals every time and stay away from processed food. Fruits and vegetables are really good for skin and hair and make you feel nourished.

Skincare Can Never be Over-Looked

Well lovely ladies; skincare is just what you need if you are daring enough to shun makeup. Your naked skin will otherwise reveal all the negligence you’ve been showing it. So, step up and make use of good quality cleansers, exfoliators, face masks, serums, moisturizers, and toners. Set out a time for your skincare ritual and follow it every day. Skincare also includes getting rid of unwanted facial and body hair to appear more feminine and well-groomed. There are thousands of skincare cosmetics available, pick the ones most suitable for your skin. You can also opt for natural DIY treatments.

Good Hair Gives you Style

Natural hair

With skincare, hair care is equally important as mentioned above as well. Keep it clean, conditioned and beautifully cut. Purchase shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and serums to enhance the beauty of your hair and invest in oiling occasionally. There’s no better treatment for hair than oiling before shampooing. In other words, it is the hair that styles your personality. Don’t let bad hair destroy your looks.

The Remaining Vital Tips

Alright; the three essentials are almost covered, yet there’s simply no end to this subject. For instance, white teeth, a bright smile, good dressing knowledge, correct body posture, clear eyes, clean and supple hands and feet, plus soft lips, hence everything counts. Take particular care of your eye-brows too and keep them well-shaped. Clear, luminous eyes with long lashes look beautiful and a stunning smile with white teeth are heart-stoppers. Use hydrating balms to escape chapped lips and go for pedicures and manicures too. Believe you me; by shadowing these advices, you’ll be gorgeous throughout your life.

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