Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Today, I’m going to share my top tips and tricks that I use for oilskins.  I know the struggle; I know it can be difficult to keep your makeup fresh and keep it in place all day long.

Yes, I know it might be quite problematic for you. I used to feel the same, and as I have gotten older, I’ve learned to embrace it.

One thing you need to remember is when you are like fifty-five or sixty, your skin is going to look amazing and so much younger than your age. This is because it has so much moisture in it.

My advice for you is to try and love your skin because it is actually the best gift you have ever received.

So, if you want to have the perfect makeup that doesn’t look cakey, then try these top tips that I use to get the perfect makeup for my skin.

Use a Clay Face Mask

Apply a clay face mask a night before. The reason for this is that it is going to soak up all the extra oil.Sothat, when you wake up, your face wouldn’t be too oily or too greasy.

Use a Mattifying Face Cleanser

All good makeup starts with good skin care. So, the first thing I would recommend is using a mattifying face cleanser. A  Mattifying face cleanser will clean out your skin. It will also draw out any impurities and prevent oiliness on your skin throughout the day.

Apply a Mattefying Toner

Next, let’s look at the Mattefying Toner. This is really going to help to keep your oils at bay throughout the day. Consequently, makes your skin look beautiful and clean by wadding off impurities.

Use a Moisturizer

I was guilty of this for basically my entire life until a year ago. I always use to think I cannot use moisturizers; I am oily already; if I use a moisturizer, I will oil up even more. My makeup is going to slip side of my face all day long.

But the truth is by using a moisturizer you are re-hydrating your skin. You are also tricking your skin into something that doesn’t need to produce excess oil.

Make Sure You Use a Foundation Primer

A primer provides a barrier between your skin and the foundation you are putting at the top of your face.

Without that, the oil in your face is going to come out and sip through that foundation and make you look like a hot shiny mess.

So, always make sure you use a primer for your makeup.

Apply Powder before Foundation

You might not have heard of this trick before, but it’s just about applying a bit of powder to your skin before you apply your foundation.

You don’t need to be afraid that your makeup may look cakey when you do this.

Trust me; it’s not going to do that at all. This is just going to powder down your skin and remove some of the oils before you apply some of the foundations.

Wait For Your Skin to Dry

The next step is so vital; you need to wait for your skin to dry before you apply any makeup so that the creams can sink into your skin completely.

Apply a Makeup Setting Spray

I like to use a makeup setting spray over my face because it helps to lock in the oils over my face. After using the setting spray on your face, you have to wait for it to dry up as well.

Dab Foundation on With a Sponge

When I apply my foundation, I like to dab it on with a sponge. This is going to give you a flawless skin. It will also help your foundation to sink into your skin much better and stick throughout the day.

So, once you have applied all your foundations, you can take the makeup setting spray again, and put it all over your skin. This is just going to lock in the foundation.

Blot Your Skin and Re-Powder

The next step is what you can’t avoid if you have oily skin like me. You have to blot your face using blotting papers or a piece of tissue.

You’ve to do this before you re-apply your powder, and this is going to help your skin not to look cakey. If you apply the powder on top of the oily skin, you’re going to have some cakey looking skin.

So what you need to do is to take the blotting paper and press them against your skin. What it does actually, is to absorb the oil in your skin without removing any of the makeup.

So if you run up to the toilet during your work day or school, grab one of these and quickly press it all over your face and It will look the same as if you have entirely touch up your whole face with powder.

Press Your Foundation to Your Skin

After you’ve applied your foundation, whether you use a beauty brush or sponge, use your clean hands and press your foundation to your skin.

Basically, this pushes the foundation further into the skin. If you don’t push that foundation into the skin, it’s going to be sitting at the top of the surface of your skin.

Choose the Right Foundation for Your Skin

One of the most important things you need to take note of is to choose the right foundations for your skin. When you are choosing what type of foundation you need on your face, think about what the product is made of.

For instance, if you have an extremely oily skin, oil based product isn’t the best for you. You might want to stick to something that is a little more of a solid form.

Like I said, I know the struggle. I’ve had oil skin in my entire life, and I have spent years trying to find solutions that work. But thanks to God! I can finally help you with it.

So, I wish you all a perfect makeup for your skin!

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