Choosing The Right Shaving Mirror For You

When you need a close shave, having the right shaving mirror is as valuable as having a good razor. They come with a number of options that can help make your morning routine much easier. From magnification to defogging, find out which shaving mirror is ideal for your lifestyle.

Photo by: Ben Smith
Photo by: Ben Smith

Just The Base-ics

There are several ways to set up a shaving mirror in your bathroom, choosing the right one helps it stay where you need it. The three main choices that you have for bases for your setup are:

  • Class stand
  • Suction cups
  • Wall mounted

The first type of base is the classic stand, they usually include a counterweight at the bottom of them, to keep them steady when in use. These are good if you want to keep the mirror on a counter but impractical if needed in a shower or if you want something more portable.

The second is suction cups, usually mounted on the back. Suction cups are handy as they can be placed on most clean smooth surfaces, even in the shower. Remember to take them down after use as the suction cups are not meant for long term use. Leaving mirrors up with them on the back can result in breakage.

The third type is wall mounted mirrors, which are hung up either with screws attached to the mirror or from a cord like a painting. Wall mounting can be quite a project because you have to screw in sturdy screws but can be a great option if you know exactly where you want a mirror and don’t want it moveable.

Keeping It Clear

With a shaving mirror you are going to be in a steamy environment so it’s important to have a fogless mirror so you can be distraction free when grooming.

Fogless mirrors come in two varieties, the first is coated mirrors. Coated mirrors are as the name implies a mirror that’s been coated with a special mixture that keeps the mirror from fogging up. Can be used straight out of the box but the special coating must be eventually reapplied.

The second type is heated mirrors. Heated mirrors keep the fog off by warming up the mirror so that steam just beads off. They have to be filled with hot water to work so they are best when mounted in the shower, but unlike coated mirrors they never wear out.

Brighten it up

An option that’s available for many shower mirrors is inset lights. While they do not come on every shaving mirror, lights on your mirror can be useful especially when shaving.

Up Close and Personal

Another option available with shaving mirrors is magnification. Magnifying mirrors come in many strengths from 1x to 20x. when choosing a mirror with magnification it’s a wise idea to get a double sided mirror so that you have both a magnified and regular side.

Keeping It Flexible

Most mirrors now come with adjustable bases that make so you can aim the mirror precisely where you want it. Adjustable mirrors usually bed or pivot at the neck of the base below the mirror and can be quite useful to see hard to reach places.

As you can see their are many options when choosing the right shaving mirror for you, but hopefully with this handy buyer’s guide you’ll be able to pick a mirror that fits your style and your needs in no time.

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