Spring Makeup Tips You Should Know

Spring is here and now is the while to notch up our skincare and shed a few beauty mistakes from our routine. Spring is not only about transmuting your makeup, it’s also about changing your closet but for now, we’ll only stick with the makeup session here. It is not guaranteed that everybody will be euphoric about the sudden influx of spring because for some, it brings the terrible notions of the summers ahead and for others; it is a good escape from the bone chilling cold. However, enough with the talk, let’s get on with the whole makeup shebang thing.

Tips for spring makeup

Gully the Foundation

Foundations can seem a bit too weighty for the skin; go for a natural makeup look. Try to tone down your makeup and invest in CC creams as they are color correcting and light-weight. In spring, due to slight heat, your makeup can look greasy mixed in with your foundation, so with a CC cream, chances are less that you’ll end up looking like an oil slick queen. Don’t ditch your sunscreen because severe sunny days are ahead and you must save your skin from the detrimental contact of the sun. SPF 30 all the way to go!

It’s all about that Glow

My intention isn’t here to request you to go for a really glowing approach but for spring, a slightly irradiated skin will help you to mien a healthy skin. Try exfoliating your face and lightly massage a moisturizer or even better apply a serum. Once you have done the deed, take a highlighting powder and sweep on the tops of your cheeks for a muted glow. Also, to tone down the glow, you must keep a face powder with you.

Contemplate applying Pink

In spring, coral or pink looks best, even the red heightens up as a major color too. However, for a natural spring makeup look, you must swipe a coral blusher on the apples of your cheeks. To make it even easier for you, a lip and cheek tint is perfect for achieving that flush of color. If you feel that reds, pinks or corals are too intimating or bold, opt for lighter mauve brown tones. A powder blush will be good because it will sink in with the base of your skin and the results will be crackerjack. To lighten any intrepid tones, simply apply powder to fine-tune everything.

Lips take Center Stage

You mustn’t back away from indulging in pinks or corals when it comes to your lips because let’s just say “Tis the season.” Nonetheless, lip crayons come in very handy to achieve the subtle pink or orange pop of color and you should put your bucks in them. Balmy colors will make your lips appear fuller, minus any sticky feeling.

Eyes have the Hottest Colors

Not surprisingly, the eye shadow trends are those of the bright hues, which are almost the norm every spring. You mustn’t shy away from the colorful shades because the rule of thumb is to mix them with the more neutral toned shades like light brown, beige and taupe, besides in terms of bolds, you can pick lighter tints of pinks, peaches, blues and teals. Sweep a light peach shade all over lid and mix it with a dusty brown shade. The combination will be attractive and you can seal the look with ample coats of mascara and eye liner. Eye liner isn’t important; you can simply smudge a black shadow on the upper lash line.

Brave Novel Trends

Spring is about embracing the brightest and boldest of the shades but to spare you the tardiness of perfecting your makeup look, I went for the simple and understated approach that yet never fails to look killer. You mustn’t play with all your features; either keep, the lips your aim or the eyes because both parties will make you look like a clown if you use bold shades on all of your features. Always uphold a soft makeup look in spring, because you don’t want anything sliding off your face. Keep a balance and touch up with powder (If you must.)

This is the end of my post. I tried to touch all the aspects of makeup in spring. I hope that you put these tips into action and never make your skin suffocated with too much makeup because pimples are in progress. Ah! Don’t forget to use only waterproof makeup. Adios everyone!

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