A Guide for Buying Stationary Mirrors

When you think of stationary mirrors, what comes to mind? Do you think of the wall mirror in front of your bathroom or do you think of something that is moveable, such as a tabletop vanity mirror? The truth is, these are both kinds of stationary mirrors. Anything that is going to spend most of its time fixed can be considered one. This alone can make it difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. So, if you are looking to purchase one for your home, let’s break down what to look for, where to look and the options that will be presented.

Where do you want your mirror?

One thing that most people are looking for when they want a stationary mirror is so that they can use it hands free. These are the common choices that you will find when you are looking to purchase one for yourself:

  • Wall Mounted Stationary Mirror – Choose this for vanities and permanent bathroom additions
  • Standing Stationary Mirror – This is an ideal choice when you want to have a full body reflection.
  • Tabletop Stationary Mirror – Easy to move from countertop to dresser, but still can be used without holding.

Don’t forget the lights!

Lighting options will mainly come down to two choices and are only going to be available to add on around your wall-mounted stationary mirror or included with a tabletop variety.

Choose LED for bright lighting that allows you to see true colors. Fluorescent bulbs are ideal when you want a more natural lighting.

Choose Your Style

Sometimes overlooked, mirrors are a way to add more style to your home. Whether you are wanting something functional for daily personal grooming or a accent to your home, it is simple to find a stationary mirror that will fit into the décor of your home.


Simple wood with clean lines often fits into the traditional décor style. Tarnished metal, brass and steel stands or frames are also common choices for this style. For a more rustic look, consider framed wall-mounted mirrors with pine or walnut. For a more dramatic look, cherry and mahogany make good accents to flat mirrors. Other nice options for this style are flat black and matte table top varieties with a round shape.


Turn your vanity or bathroom into a Hollywood dressing room by utilizing a large square or rectangular mounted option plus fluorescent lighting. Consider placing your mirror in the center and surrounding the outside or placing light at different levels in the room to give the full effect.


Form meets function with many of the modern tabletop beauty mirrors. They come in a variety of materials including metal and plastic. Additionally, they provide many options that mounted and standing mirrors do not have including:

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