7 Makeup Tips for Summer: Stay Cool All Season Long

Summer makeup tips

Summer is a wonderful season, but when it comes to your makeup routine, the hot weather and bright sun can be a challenge. Change up your makeup for the summer with these easy tips to stay cool all season long.

Start with primer

If you’re not already using primer as a part of your makeup routine, this is a great time to start. Primers are like a silky serum that goes on under foundation and provides a smooth base for your foundation. In the summer, the right primer can also help your makeup last longer in the heat. Look for a long-wear primer or one with oil control, which will help if your face tends to get sweaty.

Switch to a lightweight foundation

When summer rolls around, that means warmer temps and more sweating—a potential disaster for a heavy foundation. Heavy foundations can come off in uneven patches or pill up on your skin when you sweat. Try a lightweight foundation, or even an alternative like a BB or CC cream or tinted moisturizer. This will keep you cool and ensure you look fresh all summer.

Go with a natural look

Summer is the time to embrace the natural look. While dark matte lipsticks were a hot trend this winter, ditch them for the summer. Go with a more natural look, like a neutral lip gloss. And forget about dark smoky eye looks in the summer. Try a little bit of eyeliner and a hint of shimmering nude eyeshadow instead. With a natural look, you won’t have to worry so much about your makeup melting off in the hot sun and making a mess on your face.

Put down the pressed powder

Pressed powder foundations are fine in the wintertime, but for summer, they’re not always practical. Again, these products don’t stand up well to the heat and can leave your makeup looking worn-out well before it should. Besides, you don’t need a perfectly matte look in the summer. Embrace the dewy skin look—even if it’s really just sweat. Dust a little loose setting powder over your face at the end of your makeup routine and you’re good to go for the summer.

Use a cream blush

Just like with your foundation, a powder is not your best bet in the summer. Stash your powder blushes away this time of year and find a favorite cream blush. Don’t go too dark with the color—remember, summer is all about lighter hues and a natural look. A coral or pink blush can add a great pop of color without overdoing it.

Finish with a setting spray

Top off your summer makeup look with a setting spray. Setting sprays help makeup stay in place all day. Some are even designed especially to withstand heat and sweat, making them perfect for long summer days. Simply mist the spray over your face after all your makeup has been applied, and allow it to dry. Your makeup will last longer and look fresher at the end of the day.

Don’t forget the SPF

It’s easy to forget about protecting your skin the rest of the year, but you definitely don’t want to forget about sun safety this summer. Getting a sunburn is no fun, and a red, peeling face is definitely not attractive. Apply a layer of sunscreen beneath your makeup, or opt for a BB cream or foundation with sun-blocking ingredients. When looking for a sunscreen or foundation, be sure to check the SPF. SPF tells you how effective a sunscreen is at protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays—the higher the SPF, the more effective it is. Make sure your sunscreen or foundation has an SPF of at least 30 to be safe.

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