5 Things to Know Before Buying a Travel Mirror for Your Trip

When you are planning a trip or on the go, a travel magnifying make-up mirror is the best way to go. Because of the nature of being on the road, it is important that you find a model that will suit your style and also that will remain sturdy enough to keep up with you. Most travel mirrors come with a variety of options so it can double as a makeup or handheld mirror. If you are unsure what to look for in a travel make-up mirror, then read on and find out how to choose the right one for you.

Consider size and weight

There are a wide range of sizes and shapes of travel mirrors, but most are smaller and designed for portability. Compact travel mirrors will be smaller and hand held. They are nice for putting on makeup in a pinch but if you need your hands free, aim for a design that offers a portable stand.

Aim for one that will easily fit in your bag by slimming down the dimensions. There are plenty of quality options out there that weigh a pound or less and that fold together, similar to a compact. Larger travel mirrors are also available that come with their own carrying case for easy storage.

Small doesn’t mean less powerful

Small makeup mirrorThe beauty of a travel magnifying mirror is that it doesn’t have to be huge to work. You can easily get 5, 7 or even 10 times magnification that will be ideal for life on the road but still being able to see those details that you want on your face. For general make-up application a 5 to 7 times amplification will likely be enough. However, if you have wear glasses or have a difficult time with vision, a higher magnification may be needed.

Note: if you plan on tweezing or need high mag sometimes but others just need to quickly touch up your face and want a more normal view then consider a flip or compact travel mirror that give you additional viewing options like adjustable magnification.

Avoid distortion

Look for a travel makeup mirror with “low distortion” or “distortion-free” glass. Because you are going to have smaller space to be able to see, you want to ensure that the reflection area itself is of good quality so that you can see and perfect every last detail when applying your face.

Consider a lighting source

When you are on a trip, the last thing that you want to think about is the lighting or location when you are doing your make-up or other grooming habits. Ensure that you can see yourself whether you are in the back of a cab, a bathroom before a meeting or in the airport when you consider a travel mirror with a light source. For bright natural lighting, LED light sources are usually sufficient to do the trick.

Don’t forget… You are traveling

They say that a broken mirror is seven years of bad luck. The last thing that you need when you’re on a trip is bad luck on top of shards of glass in your suitcase. When you are on the go, you want something that is both sturdy and portable. Look for the words, “shatter proof” or “shatter resistant”.

You are traveling

Additionally, consider a case when you travel or a design that has a plastic cover that will provide a bit of added protection. This is an especially good idea if you have chosen a travel makeup that comes with light. Because even if the glass is shatter proof, that doesn’t mean that your light source won’t break. In that case a cover or travel mirror case is even more important.

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