The Ultimate Guide to Applying Lipstick

Next to eyes, the lips are what women spend the most time on before they go out. The lips can be tricky and learning how to apply it can be a bit tricky. Don’t worry, we have a few tips for you. Before you know it, you’ll learn how to turn your lips into luscious lures for conversation… and maybe even some kisses too!

Applying Lipstick

Before you begin

While it is recommended that you should always consider moisturizing your lips, before you apply lipstick it is uber important. If you aren’t one that is routinely slathering on the lip balm, now would be a good time to exfoliate and then moisturize.

To exfoliate, you can use a sugar scrub. If you don’t have one already bought, it is easy to make this on your own (and then you’ll have it on hand to make sure that your lips always look fabulous).

To make a sugar scrub: Simply combine 1 tbs. brown or white sugar to 1 tsp. cooking oil. Kept for a week on the counter, it won’t go bad.

Additionally, in lieu of a scrub you can also use a soft tipped toothbrush or a damp cloth.

Rub down lips and apply moisturizer

  1. Brush your lips gently with the whatever you have chosen to be your exfoliate. Do so in a light circular motion like you are buffing your lips.
  2. Pat your lips dry.
  3. Apply lip balm
  4. Remove any excess balm

Choose your color palate

You want to have your tools ready before you begin, so it makes sense to start with picking your colors while you do this.

Hint: Grab your foundation for this process too. An excellent way to ensure that your lips turn out the color that you want them is by using a make-up sponge to apply liquid foundation first.

Lip Liner Tips:

Lip liner is used to accentuate the shape of your lip. Play with the lip area during this process and use lip liner to help create more definition or shape into your lips.

  • For dark lip colors, choose a bold lip liner that will match or complement the main color.
  • For lighter or more natural colors, aim to match the color of your lip liner more with that of your lips.
  • Liquid lip liner is excellent, if you have a steady hand. However, if you are new to the make-up application process, stick to pencil liners first until you get the hang of it.

Lipstick Tips:

Lipstick colors

  • No matter whether you want a bold and daring look or a clean and natural one, always aim for a lip shade that complements your skin tone. If you aren’t sure about the color process, look more into coloring, seasonal shades and complementary colors before proceeding.
  • Once you have your lipstick color selection made, make sure to consider how long you’re going to be wearing it for. For all-day wear, choose a long lasting color from a reliable brand.

Apply Lip Liner and Then Lipstick

When applying lipstick or lip liner, start from the center top of your lips and draw a line outwards, one each towards the outside of your mouth.

Apply lip liner by focusing on the outside boundary of your lip.

  • For a smaller smile, bring the lip liner in to the color, tracing a line just inside your natural lip shape. For larger, extend the line outside of your natural lip line.
  • For changing the shape of your mouth consider applying a tighter line on one lip and wider on the other.
  • If you are using a pencil liner and the tip seems a little dried out, heat the tip of the pencil up briefly before applying. You can do this with a lighter, just put the pencil over the flame for about 5 seconds and then blow on it (to cool it off) before touching it to your lips.

Apply lipstick with the same method as lip liner except focus on the center of the lips versus adhering to the outside line.

  • If there is any area that you missed, brush outwards towards the liner to fill in any gaps that you miss.
  • Lipstick is generally designed to be applied straight from the tube. However, lipstick brushes can give you more even coverage.

Blot and Seal

Blotting helps to remove excess lipstick. Fold a paper or tissue in half and press your lips down, holding it between your lips. You can seal your lipstick with lip balm. Apply lightly within the lines of your color, rub and you’re done.

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