Warm LED Adjustable 7x Magnification vs. Conair Oval Double-Sided

Looking for a new beauty mirror to enhance your life? We have a couple great models here for you to look at, let’s see how they compare.

The Body: Form Meets Function

The mirror from Conair has a weighted metal base with a two-inch riser and a 360 degree swiveling stand in a Oiled Bronze finish. Attached to the base is a 5-foot power cord with connected on/off switch

The mirror from Warm LED has a plastic base with built in suction cup attached to a rotatable head.  Additionally, on the base is the battery compartment.

As you can see these mirrors bases have little in common, with the large metal base of the Conair compared to the light suction cup base of the Warm LED mirror.  While both definitely have their uses it really come down to where you want your mirror.  Want one always displayed and ready for use? the Conair is a great choice that fits in with any style. Need something more compact, or ready for travel? The Warm LED is easy to pack and quick to set up.

The Lights: Brighten Up Your Day

Conair’s mirror uses inset replaceable 20 watt standard bulbs for natural Halo lighting.

Warm LED’s mirror uses inset non-replaceable diffused LED lights for bright color free light.

With both of these mirrors you get useful lighting at your fingertips but with some major differences. While Warm LED’s lights are bright unnatural white common to LED bulbs, the mirror from Conair has a more yellowish light similar to natural outdoors lighting. Both lighten the area well so it’s more a matter of taste on weather you like white or natural light.

The Mirror: Seeing Yourself in Style

Conair’s comes with a 9.5’’ oval shaped double sided mirror with 360’ rotation for both 7X magnification and regular viewing.

Warm LED’s comes with a 6’’ wide circular shaped single sided mirror with 7X magnification.

Another difference between these two is the actual mirrors.  Warm LED comes with only one reflective surface, a crystal clear round magnified mirror great for makeup. Meanwhile Conair comes with two mirrors, both a 7X magnified mirror for detailed viewing and a normal one great for hair or quick touch ups. While both come with a 7x magnification mirror, Conair’s addition of a regular mirror makes it a cut above the rest.

What It All Means

Here’s a quick sided by side for you to compare them more easily.

Warm LED Adjustable 7x Magnification Lighted Makeup Mirror

Need a lighted beauty mirror that’s great for both home and on the road? This adjustable model by Warm LED is a perfect choice with is compact design for people on the go. It offers a unique suction cup base and flexible head make it easy to place wherever you want it. Surrounded by inset diffused LED lights ensure you can always see yourself clearly.  Stunning 7X magnification makes it ideal for eyeliner, eyebrows, and mascara.


  • No cords to tangle up.
  • Low energy LED bulbs never need to be changed
  • Compact and easy to store


  • Suction cup base not meant for long term use
  • Batteries required

Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror

Looking for a beauty mirror that is both simple and elegant? This Oval shaped double sided mirror from Conair is a amazing choice to compliment any decor with its beautiful oiled bronze finish.  See yourself clearly in any light with the built in Halo lighting.  Great for applying makeup or just seeing yourself with its adjustable double sided mirror for both regular viewing and 7x magnification.


  • Well built design ensures years of use
  • Heavy base Keeps it sturdy
  • Low Power use
  • No batteries required


  • Long cord (5’) can be unwieldy when decorating
  • Bulbs are hard to replace
  • Large design makes it unwieldy for travel

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